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Found this through Alex Wagner! I've also seen the swap in the parent-child relationship first-hand, and the condo story reminded me about this post about the crisis of caretaking (https://annehelen.substack.com/p/forced-to-care).

I've also been reading/writing about death and mortality (https://kzhai.substack.com/p/045-whats-so-scary-about-death) and it's encouraging to see others share in public as well.

Thank you for sharing songs and stories about Maureen! Your love for her shines through!

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What a heartfelt offering to read😇

A shiny and musical example of love, compassion, family, and steadfast kindness.

Maureen the Leader of 💕 love

To know this family is to experience LOVE in its purest and divine kind, as both a witness and participant.

Shelley has navigated the waters alongside Maureen and family with Grace, humility and God given Love ❤️ Waters that got rough due to sickness, slipping of the mind, and misused power of the land during a time when Maureen requested her Peace.

Love is Patient and everlasting and Maureen was too…even during the heaviest of times. She laughed and made others laugh.

Maureen had created a daughter so strong In Shelley…Resilience unbridled, hillarious, and at times heavy (not fat, lol, different heavy)…but continuing on like a steady heartbeat from the womb, Shelley made sure her mother Maureen was honoured.

Four Songs shows is another voice of Love 💕 coming through this amazing Family of Love and commitment to each other.

Talented and Poignant

Blessed ❤️ Maureen is Love.





Gratitude 🙏

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